Repair Services

Over 100 major shippers view Procor as their preferred supplier of rail car repair services to maximize fleet utilization and for bottom line cost savings. Our service network consists of main service centres, customer on-site locations and mobile repair teams across Canada, backed with technical, engineering and regulatory support, and guided by Responsible Care® principles.

On-Site Services

Procor has a large and growing capability to provide pre-trip inspections and repairs at manufacturing facilities and terminal operations.

Inspection Services

Use Procor's expert knowledge of rail cars and repair best practices to assess the condition of equipment you own or contemplate purchasing.

Main Service Centres

Procor's Canadian repair capabilities include four main service centres, each well-equipped to provide a variety of repair, maintenance and inspection services.

Network Scheduling

Procor's Network Scheduling group adds value by proactively working with customers to advance schedule repair program work and qualifications.

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To Request Additional Information:

Glen Klassen
Repair Projects Business Development Manager
On-Site Services
Tel: 403-431-8111

Ron Christenson 
Vice-President Procor Shop Repair 
Tel: 780-465-0941

Procor's repair capabilities are strategically located across Canada, and our network extends into the United States and Mexico through our affiliation with Union Tank Car Company. Click here to view Union Tank Car locations.

‘Almost any repair, any time’ on-site repair capabilities.