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Loading Authority (OT-57) - to prevent conflicts and potential penalites, please remember to remove your equipment from your OT-57 fleet once the car(s) have been end-charged.     

OT-57, which is a private car registration system governed by Circular OT-57, requires that controlling entities of private equipment register their contact and storage information within the Loading Authority  (OT-57) system. This system provides railroads with the necessary and valid contact information needed for capacity planning.

The Loading Authority (OT-57) system only allows for a car to be listed on one fleet at a time. This requirement means that as cars change service, the OT-57 fleet needs to be updated. The controlling entity (as outlined in Circular OT-57) is responsible for providing the Loading Authority (OT-57) registration information.

Fleet conflicts occur when the current controlling entity is looking to add a car to its fleet that has not yet been removed from its prior OT-57 fleet registration. A Railinc update allows Fleet Managers to handle fleet conflicts. This management tool allows the user to initiate an equipment transfer request from another company’s rail car fleet. In a nutshell, you are contacting another company’s Fleet Manager and requesting they remove the equipment from their fleet. Users can manage their requests and escalate to the car owner, if necessary.